1.) How Do You Start A Bidding War?

The best way to get a higher price for your house is to start a bidding war. After getting an appraisal from a Real Estate Agent, you should list your house approximately 15-20% lower than the actual value of your house. You will receive multiple bids and, while trying to out- bid each other, they will eventually bid up the price, going over what your house is actually worth.

2.) Should I do Some Minor Renovations?

Doing some minor renovations like painting or installing new cabinets are easy ways to not only increase the value of your home, but to also sell your home faster! Param Suri can help you hire contractors to get the job done faster!

3.) Hold Frequent Open-Houses

Make your home available to be seen at a moment’s request! The more frequently your home is available for a viewing, the better the chances are of getting it sold. Also, preferably, it is better to not be in the home when people are viewing the house, as it allows them to easily picture themselves living there.


1.) How important is Lighting?

Make sure that your house is bright and full of light. Along with a good location, good lighting is important. Param Suri can help you to enhance the lighting in your house to make it more appealing to buyers.

2.) What Should I do to the Home’s Exterior?

Take the time to decorate the outside of your house. The first thing buyers look at is the exterior of your home before walking in. Improve your home by planting inexpensive shrubs and bright flowers outside.

3.) Why Should I De-Personalize my Home?

Since you’re going to be packing anyway, pack away some of your stuff now. Take all the things that make your home personal, such as family pictures, religious décor, etc., and store it all away. This is a good idea because you want to let the Buyers visualize your house as their home.

4.) Why Should I De-Clutter my Home?

De-cluttering your home is the best way to make your home seem bigger and brighter! When everything is clean, the house looks better and sells faster!