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Home insurance

Protects homeowners from theft, storms, fire, and injury claims.

Home Insurance company look for

 Electrical service

Knob and tube wiring at High risk of fire- Premium high

MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker ) low risk- Low Premium

Insurance Co. look for atleast 100Amp Electrical Service.


Older pipes – higher risk of cracks, ruptures or leaks.

Galvanized steel pipes – high risk – life 40-50 years.

If these kind of plumbing not replaced then insurance Co. properly assess the risk.

Oil tank

Major environmental damage for leakage – cost up to $15000 to insurance.

  • Wood-burning stove(s)

Home insurer may need inspection report from Certified technician for properly installed and usage properly.

  • Roof

Roof helps to keep the outside from coming inside and if it’s in need of replacing, it could cause considerable damage during a storm.

  • Potential for liability claims

Home insurance policy includes liability coverage if someone is injured while on your property.

Home insurance inspection will look for anything that raises a red flag.

  • Replacement value

Your insurance provider needs replacement value of your home to build again.

Replacement value includes cost of labour and materials to rebuild and possessions into the home when moved in.

Home insurance premium may go high if replacement value is increased due to any factor.